Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm just a Me!!

However I look at it,

I’d still find myself a misfit!

The strange world & it numerous ways,

Why & How? I’d never figure it!!

Whatever my point-of-view,

Finding it unconventional isn’t quite new!

Am I plain crazy? Or just a tad different,

Answers to that are far & few!!

While there are differences to see,

All I am being is, just being me!

And yet I got no qualms with anyone,

Just wish they’d just let me be!!

For I’m just this regular lad,

And I follow no fashion nor fad!

Got an honest view, and an expressive heart

If that’s allowed, I’d just be mighty glad!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Give me some time!!

Give me a moment, I wish to stand,

Give me a minute to understand!

Give me a second, and listen,

Give me time to clear my vision!!

Give me a day, to stabilize,

Give me a while, my heart cries!

Give me a moment, to reprise,

Give me some time to be wise!!

Give me a moment, of solitude,

Give me some space from this multitude!!

Give me the time, I wish so much so,

Give me the years, for I still need to grow!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have a dear friend!!

Deep in my heart, I have a dear friend,
Living this city, that knows no end!
Days to weeks to months, time moves on
Blink of an eye, even a year is gone!!

While ever so close he is to my heart,
A few miles of the city, are a world apart!
For utterly maddening, is life’s race,
That ibeen a while I saw him face to face!!

For there was a time, and that was then,
But now we’re expected to be grown up men!
Far from the playful, life now is a silly game,
Each to his own, trying to make a name!!

Often I vow to myself, “Tomorrow I’d call him”
Yet it turning that to reality, the odds are so slim!
For the morrow comes & goes
How it flew away, no one knows!!

Deep in my heart, I had a dear friend,
Left with memories, I am at the end!
For when I had the time, we let it go,
And now I’m wondering “how could I do so”!!

And yet, lucky me! Not all is lost,
I still have time to make up for the past!
To take a walk, to that the dearest friend,
The one who’s special to day this day, beyond the worlds end!!
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