Thursday, December 30, 2010

How I wish!!

“How I wish every evening!

I didnt have to go leaving!!

You and those lovely eyes.

But that’s how the story goes!

Through the veiled smile,

The pain in you still shows!!

How I wish, I didn’t have to!

It’s tough and I still have to!!

Leave the warmth of your hands.

Funny game that life plays!

Arms that wave goodbye,

Actually long for an embrace!!

How much longer need I wait for my way!

To get to have you every time all day!!

I pray & petition.

For a day that I believe!

When unlike this evening,

I wouldn’t have to - bid goodbye and leave!!”

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You and You Alone!!

So often it felt, it was a stilness that was gripping around,

At the edge of life I was so often found!

I willed myself for a fight...

Yet for so long this tunnel was devoid of light!!

Day upon day, as the sun went down,

Into my innerself, I let myself drown!

Into a hroizon where dreams of mine

Played in the lonliness of my mind!!

From that far-fetched horizon

and that self-inflicted deep slumber I have risen!

For I feel I have arrived, to a place

Where I stand waiting for an embrace!!

With everything spun in a moment,

I see no reason, anymore, to lament!

Giving a hope, and a reason

Giving meaning to this mortal season!!

It feels heaven to feel the touch,

of your lovely hands!

Just wish they dont slip... like the desert sands!!

For its hard to say goodbye...

Just as its hard to explain the how and the Why!!

So not easy, to write all I feel

So not easy, to say all I wish

Find myself tongue-tied... spell bound!

No right words to my mind come around!!

But each time into my eyes you see

In pain or in glee...

I hope you see it clear, that love

Shines brighter than the stars above!

Hoping that someday you do take notice

Waiting on that moment of bliss

Waiting that to you it'd be known

That i'm waiting for You and You Alone!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whose wrong, Which's Right??

Born into a world fed on being “right”
Life by heart is an endless fight!
Having to choose the logical or the insane,
A fight that’s – pointless & vain!!

For I was never a child of the mind
Free-spirited ‘am of my own kind!
Whether the world wants me or not,
In this endless dilemma, I find myself caught!!

It’s not like logic doesn’t get to me,
Or “rational” is something I can’t be!
But I trust that mind alone is not the way,
That the heart must have just as much say!!

Where rationality rules by reason,
I’d prefer some warmth that stays all season!
We’ve let our minds shore up so much ego,
That care & love have ceased to grow!

Why are we so quick to judge?
And so adamant not to budge?
As long as we can come together & unite,
Should it really matter whose wrong, which’s right??

Monday, December 20, 2010

Not afraid of being meek!!

I'm not afraid of tears,

Nor am I afraid of letting out a cry!

I'm not afraid of being left out,

Being left out high and dry!!

I'm not afraid of heartache,

Nor am I afraid of sorrow!

I'm not afraid of the unknown,

Of that unknown tomorrow!!

I'm not afraid of troubles,

Nor am I afraid of pain!

I'm not afraid of the thunders,

Those come with dark clouds and rain!!

I'm not afraid of losing the world,

One that I thought was all I wanted seek!

I'm not afraid of being afraid,

Nor am I afraid of being called meek!!

For I know alone I’m lonely,

And solitude turns one weak!

So forsaking the solitary ballad,

The symphony of togetherness I seek!!

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