Monday, June 27, 2011

Twinkling Lil Star

I’d gaze up at the sky each night

and find a twinkling lil star!

Each night it felt it there waiting

so close, yet so far!!

Each night as dusk filled the sky,

it appeared out for the world to see!

Yet there was some magic,

that I felt it was just meant for me!!

For me the star was all of the sky,

nothing beyond it mattered, it seems!

That when I closed my eyes and went to sleep,

the star was all that was in my dreams!!

Then one day when you came across,

And it felt like a dream come true!

And you touched my life, so much so

That I felt that star in you!!

And if there was ever a day,

when I feel you’re afar!

I’ll look at that star,

And I’d feel you close

No matter wherever you are!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I never thought!!

May be I don’t know you forever,

But that’s exactly how I feel!

Would you know all about me?

I wonder if there’s anything left to conceal!

I wonder how it sounds,

But I know that it’s true!

I never thought when we met,

That I’d fall in love with you!!

You’re the one I dream of,

Be it night or its day!

Long after time has passed,

Love wouldn’t fade away!!

Sure I don’t know you forever,

But I trust you know its true!

Though I never knew when we met,

I sure now am in love with you!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dance with me now!!

Step in with me now,

For there may be no tomorrow!

Dance with me now,

Past this hour, there may be no minutes to borrow!!

Let’s take this flight,

For this might be the night!

One look - deep into those eyes,

Who knows if I can again behold the sight!!

Should we take a walk?

Before we reach the end!

Should we turn it around?

Before it’s too late to amend!!

Get back into the groove,

Like we did, again, let’s move!

Before the time strikes still,

We must, and I trust we will!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Magical Night!!

Underneath the bright moon light,
With the stars shinning galore!
We walk hand in hand,
We walk the sparkling sea shore!!

Whispering sweet nothings,
So softly that only you can hear!
As the waves gently caress our fee,
Want you to know, I love you my dear!!

Basking in the moonlit rays,
As stardust falls from above!
Hand in hand, eye to eye,
We stand locked in love!!

Surrounded by the captivating starlight,
Majestic moon shining by!
With the blackened skies as the backdrop,
Oh, I couldn’t help but sigh!!

As the magical night nears its end,
All I have wish to pray!
That each night be this magical,
However stressful might have been the day!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Stay Still!!

In disagreeing acquiescence I lie,

Wishing for these times to go by!

While I summon all of my will,

Oh, troubled heart, just stay still!!

I sit and watch, and hope and pray,

For the night to pass for a brighter day!

Lonely as it may be, perched on this hill

Oh, troubled heart, just hold on until -

It’s time to wake up,

And it’s fine to go make up!

Swallow this bitter pill,

Oh, troubled heart, for now stay still!!

A lil confused and befuddled am I,

Too confused even to try!

Need some steel in me to instill

Oh, troubled heart, just stay still!!

It might be long, and let it be,

A bright new dawn I’m sure to see!

Find what I want, I sure will

Oh, troubled heart, just be still!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let it go!!

Don’t know why I look that way,

When you keep looking away!

Wonder when I’d get to know,

At times it’s fine to let it go!!

Not sure when I’m in need,

I should let my heart to bleed!

Wonder when I’d learn to see,

At times it’s fine to let it be!!

Like punching hole in a cloud,

Fruitlessly I keep looking over aloud!

Wonder when I’d come to learn,

At times it’s fine to turn a lil stern!!

I hope to come around,

To the lonely sights and sound!

I hope to soon learn & know,

That it’s sure fine to let it go!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just for dad!!

Not often we sing his praise,

Or sing him a song!

Quite easy it seems to overlook,

The joy that he brings along!!

So easy to see the stern eye,

And keep a safe distance!

Yet so difficult to see beyond,

That with you he’d love to be friends!!

But I trust it’s not quite so,

There’s a special place he’s always had!

Deep in each of our hearts,

A special place just for a dad!!

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