Thursday, June 13, 2013

Drops of Rain On My Window Pane

Drops of rain on my window pane,
Take me back by the memory lane! 
The giggles and the paper boat, 
In the puddles we'd make them float!! 

The gust of wind in my face,
Takes me back to the holidays!
Carefree, we'd play all day long, 
Life was all a lovely song!!

Shadows cast by the summer Sun,
All our endless plays and mazy run!
Laughter from then still rings my ear,
Our mischief knew no bounds or fear!! 

In the cold of the night, by the Christmas tree
Festivities, friends & family!
Flashes from childhood as good as gold,
Just like Christmas they're never too old!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

There's still time to grow!

There are paths unexplored
Wood that are yet unseen
Lands to which I haven't been!!

Creases on my brow too few
The world still feels so new!
Seas so many to cross
Rivers I'm yet to come across!!

Scenes I'm yet to savor
Of myriad colors, hues & flavor!
There are promises I am to keep
Fruits I'm yet to reap!!

There are ways much unknown
And emotions yet unfelt
Prayers for which I haven't knelt!!

There even promises to claim
I'm yet to make a name!
So much I'm yet to give
A few, I'm yet to forgive!!

There are those I'm to go back to
And there are things I still wish to!
Many I'm yet to meet anew
Forever with me, will remain a few!!

There are territories uncharted
And places I'm yet unaware
Feelings those still feel rare!!

Plenty years ahead to grow old
Stories aplenty to unfold!
Love that I haven't fallen into
So much yet under 'to do'!!

I'm fine that I'm yet a child
May be untamed, even wild!
So much more yet to know
For there's still time to grow !!
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