Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm afraid!

I’m afraid to tell you what bothers me,
I’m afraid to admit that I do not see!
The logic and all the myriad sense,
The very emphasis on intelligence!!

I’m afraid to tell you I do not know,
I’m afraid to listen to ‘I-told-you-so!’
The rational and everything that’s ‘right,’
What you have come to term - foresight!!

I’m afraid of being scorned or judged,
I’m afraid, to a side, being nudged!
Amidst all logic and perfect sense,
Would I be termed an irrelevance?

I’m afraid of listening to silence
I’m afraid of watching bloodless violence
It all rings of a deafening disquiet
Like a unsettling and quelling riot

I’m afraid that this is not my place
I’m afraid of the emptiness of space
Which end of the road do I follow?
For each only seems to end in a hollow!

I’m afraid because I feel alone,
I’m afraid for its all unknown!
There’s a whole world and its populace,
And yet I feel, am an alien race!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'd Miss You Much!!

At the crack of dawn when I rose
Time still felt stuck & froze
I wished for night to come soon
With the twinkling stars & moon
The rays of the sun, oblong
The birds of the air, in song
Almost everything around me such
Told me, how I missed you much!

After a while I took the road
Thoughts wandering; feet strode
Walked, I did not know where
My vision squinted from the sun’s glare
The blue of the endless sky
The horizon that seemed so nigh
Thoughts from my deepest hutch
Told me, how I missed you much!

Then the dusk came up at last
Much later than it did in past
Into the farthest I’d stare
While the breeze ruffled my hair
The setting sun into the twilight
And the dark of the impending night
The gathering clouds & the thundering Thorr
Everything told me, I’d miss you more!!
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